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A demonstration by Derric van Rensburg

February 24, 2012

Well, what a fabulous afternoon we had last Saturday at the Western Cape Watercolour Group’s meeting in the Library Hall in Somerset West. We had the most stunning demonstration by international impressionist artist, Derric van Rensburg. It was the day of our Annual General Meeting, but I confess I did rush through the business so we could make the most of Derric.

And he certainly didn’t disappoint.  To a packed Library Hall of more than 60 members and visitors – the most I’ve ever seen – Derric, with great charm and ease, produced not just one, but two paintings, working to a photograph he’d taken of a landscape just outside Franschhoek.

First of all he completed an absolutely stunning watercolour using very dry watercolour paint in vibrant colours. He applied the thick paint to the canvas using large brushes and hugely confident brush strokes. Within such a short time this wonderful painting appeared before our eyes whilst he chatted away. He made it look so easy.

We normally take a break for tea and snacks after the first hour, but the audience was so enraptured, they asked him to carry on…and of course Derric did press on.

The second painting was in acrylics, the medium in which Derric works the most.  He set about the painting in just the same way as the watercolour: bright colours, big brush strokes and lots of texture.  Again with such seeming ease, another painting was completed.

The watercolour is my favourite.  It’s just what I think watercolour should be about: strong, bold and vibrant.  I want to know more about how he achieves this distinctive look in a very challenging medium…and Derric has come up with the goods.  He has offered to do a three-day workshop for us in Somerset West in April.  Guess who’s going to be first on the sign up list?  What’s more, husband Kevin and I will have him all to ourselves in the evenings, as he’ll be staying with us here at Penny Lane Lodge.  I can’t wait!

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