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Buying a property in Somerset West

July 27, 2012

Over the years we’ve had many people staying at Penny Lane Lodge while they’ve been house hunting.  Some have been buying holiday homes; others have been making a permanent move to Somerset West, Strand or Gordon’s Bay.

Somerset West is located in a fabulous position, close to beaches, mountains and the winelands.  It’s a pleasant, friendly place for young and old alike, with good schools, excellent medical facilities and many opportunities for shopping, eating out and a whole range of entertainment.

We’ve become used to offering advice to people in their search for that ideal home.  So, I thought, why not share it here?


Location, location, location

The choice of location in the Helderberg Basin has a huge effect on property prices. As a general rule the higher up the mountain you go the pricier it gets. There are some truly amazing and beautiful villas and mansions around, and apparently Somerset West is the town with the highest net worth residents in South Africa. Rumour has it that all the richest people have a residence right here in this corner of the world.

Whether or not the rumour is true, there are places for every kind of budget and even though we might have all the millionaires living here, we also have the informal settlements, low income earner areas and everything in between.

In terms of location Main Road is somewhat of a divider. Above Main Road you get the ocean views and the more view you have the more valuable the property becomes. However on the other hand, you have to bear in mind that with the view also comes the wind.

When you do decide on a house with the majestic mountain and/or sea view make sure the house is built in such a way that it provides sheltered corners and outside areas. The “South-Easter” as the summer wind in Cape Town is called really can blow!


Some tips…

  • Take a compass with you so you can figure out where the prevailing wind will come from (south east).
  • View the house on a quiet day and on a windy day if possible.
  • Check the north side of the house – it’s the weather side (the storms and rains come down hard in winter and the sun bakes in summer) and you will see most wear and tear on the outside walls and windows.
  • Remember the rule: sea view = wind
  • For Europeans (and generally people from the northern hemisphere): you want a north facing property because that is where the sun is most. In winter it will shine through the windows warming the house – remember, although our winters are mild, properties here do not have central heating. The south side is the cold and wet side. Most bathrooms and kitchens will be on that side of the house.


And if you need a place to stay while you’re looking…or furnishing…or renovating…or remodelling, look no further than Penny Lane. We can give you all the gen and a cosy, clean pleace to stay!

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