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Simon’s Town Spring Festival

September 21, 2012

Spring is on its way and we have the long Heritage Day weekend to enjoy.  Many people traditionally join family and friends for the holiday which has become known as National Braai Day.  But for something a little different visit Simon’s Town, just around False Bay from us at Penny Lane Lodge in Somerset West.

This seaside town, a well-known retirement spot, is also home to World War Two Royal Navy veteran canine Just Nuisance.  Over this weekend, the place will come alive as businesses and locals showcase their services, their knowledge and their stunning natural surroundings.

Each day a range of events is on offer to encourage festival-goers to explore the history of this unique naval town, visit its many museums and landmarks and participate in ceremonies that commemorate the past.  Locals and visitors alike can look forward to everything from live music and performances by navy bands and choirs to tours, tutorials and kiddies’ pizza-making competitions.

Festival-goers can also pop down to Boulders Beach to see the popular penguins that make the area home, or can travel up to the coast to see the wonderful whales (word is they’re also attending).

One particular Simon’s Town Spring Festival highlight is the Saturday morning ‘Sunday Stars’ 14-km fun run, a fitness-friendly event that sees runners and walkers take to the streets of the charming coastal village.  Organised by the local running club as a social, rather than competitive, event, entry is free.

 Simon’s Town Spring Festival 2012 Highlights

  • Take a stroll through the Wellness Expo at the Town Hall Sunday and breathe in the fresh fynbos air while taking a guided walk around historic town.
  • Book with the Submarine Museum for an hour long tour of the SAS Assegai submarine, as well as tours around the Navy dockyard (normally closed to the public).
  • Music in the Art Park presents veteran rock blues band, Diamondback, performing on Saturday at the Sculpture Garden.
  • Don’t miss out on the annual Spring Regatta, hosted by the False Bay Yacht Club, for an up-close-and-personal encounter with keelboats of all classes.
  • For full details visit the Simon’s Town Festival website.
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