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New title, new image:

March 19, 2013

It was with a certain amount of pride and satisfaction that we saw the vote carried at last Saturday’s special general meeting to change the name of our art group from the Western Cape Watercolour Group to the Western Cape Artist’s Society.

Although we are still committed to the advancement and promotion of watercolours, the committee and I were keen to gain members’ agreement to make our group very clearly open to a wider membership and a wider range of visual arts media.  Our members’ work has for a long time encompassed more than just watercolours in any case, with many of our artists working in oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media, as well as watercolours.  Now in addition to these, we are opening all our exhibitions to artists who work in sculpture and photography.

This Saturday sees the selection of artworks for our “Across the Palette” exhibition, which has always been open to oils, acrylics and mixed media.  Now awards are on offer for “best in…” each of our new categories and our judges will have the chance to award highly commended and commended prizes in each category too.  I’m really looking forward to see what our members enter this time.

I’m also looking forward to the exhibition.  The opening will be on 10 April at 17h00 at the Circle Centre in Somerset West and it will run for a week.  Winners to be announced next week…

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