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Snorkel with the Seals

January 30, 2015

seal snorkling header

Here at Penny Lane Lodge, even though many of our guests have been shark cage diving – and have thoroughly enjoyed (we’ve seen the pictures), we still feel this is maybe a little bit scary. So instead, how about an altogether gentler, yet equally fulfilling experience with the playful Cape Fur seals?

Local tour operator, Animal Ocean, runs amazing trips to snorkel or scuba dive with playful seals at Duiker Island, just outside Hout Bay. The island is home to 15 000 Cape Fur seals and this experience of sharing the waters with these curious creatures truly is a unique one.

The 3-hour trip, which officially runs from October to March starts with a meeting just outside the National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI) building at the Hout Bay Harbour. From there, explorers are transported to the nearby Duiker Island, where within a couple of seconds of plunging into the Atlantic Ocean, snorkelers will spot seals twisting, turning and darting about in the clear waters.


The Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling operation prides itself on providing their guests with an amazing natural experience, swimming with hundreds of these beautiful big eyed, curious creatures. As long as you are able to swim, this experience is for you – even if you’ve never snorkeled before!

Divers wishing to scuba do of course need to be qualified and must provide up-to-date certification.

All the equipment you need is provided as well as snacks and drinks. An experienced snorkeling guide will be on hand throughout the trip. And in case you were worried about those sharks, the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean are a little too chilly for them, and combined with the water depth, you have nothing to fear from these fearsome predators.

This opportunity to swim with the seals has to be one of the best wildlife experiences you can have around here. So, go on…you know you want to!

Contact details for Animal Ocean
Telephone: +27(0) 72 296 9132
Address:  Hout Bay Harbour opp. NSRI, Harbour Road, Hout Bay

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